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Beis Yaakov Jewish High School Academy | 69 Broom Lane, Salford, Manchester, M7 4FF


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Mission Statement 

Our purpose is to provide a positive, inclusive, environment for learning and growth which promotes excellence and inspires students to discover, develop and fulfil their potential and to become independent lifetime learners. We will achieve this purpose by ensuring that the following core beliefs inform, direct and inspire all of our practice.

  • LEARNING – We believe that all members of our community have a right to an ordered learning environment which builds on prior learning, develops independence, creativity and enquiring minds and fosters intellectual and social self-confidence.
  • TEACHING – We believe that every student has the right to a broad curriculum and to appropriate, stimulating and varied learning strategies which develop and extend all of their skills, abilities and talents and which result in a wide range and high standard of accredited success.
  • PREPARATION FOR WORKING LIFE – We believe that all students need opportunities to become entrepreneurial, engage with ethically based businesses, to experience and develop skills in collaborative and co-operative working and have opportunities to develop leadership skills.
  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT – We believe that our Academy should provide a nurturing, caring social environment in which the views of all members are heard, valued and respected and in which students develop self-esteem and are supported to become independent young adults.
  • CITIZENSHIP – We believe that our school should develop in its students an acceptance of their individual and collective responsibilities as members of local, national and international communities and a strong sense of the importance of working for the common good.
  • HOME-ACADEMY PARTNERSHIP – We believe that our students’ success and happiness in school depends on us working in close partnership with parents, carers and families.