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נר מצוה ותורה אור


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Mission Statement

Our Beis Yaakov Ethos


BYJHS has a unique sense of family and belonging and Orthodox Jewish values permeate every aspect of school life and are consistent across all families, pupils and governors of the school. The school promotes a learning culture with known and shared aims that are deeply embedded in all school policies and practice. A variety of themed activities through the year develop pupils’ social and academic skills and provide a forum for exploring Fundamental British Values in the context of their Jewish Faith.


Pupils of BYJHS embrace the school’s religious ethos and live their lives accordingly. Every aspect of school life is governed by the codes of Torah observance, which includes adherence to a modest way of life and strong morals and ethical values. Acts of collective worship take place twice a day for the morning and afternoon services, with the morning service taking the form of a whole-school assembly led by Year 11 pupils.


Our Mission and Aims


· To offer a broad and balanced curriculum to cater for every pupil’s needs and to ensure that all pupils reach the highest possible standards in both Jewish and secular studies.

· To give the pupils a love of Torah learning and practice.

· To promote a strong sense of social responsibility as fundamental to all aspects of life.

· To develop self-esteem, resilience, confidence and ambition in pupils.

· To prepare all our students for working life through a combination of academic knowledge and development of skills in collaborative and cooperative working, leadership skills and engagement with ethically based businesses.

· To build strong partnerships with parents and carers in order to work together toward our students’ success and happiness in school and beyond.

Beis Yaakov High School (Single Academy Trust)

Mr B Myers: Headteacher - Quality of Education

Mrs T Reznick: Headteacher - Pastoral

Joint Heads of Chol: Mrs C Miller & Mrs S Patel

SENCO: Mrs A Treblow

DPO: M.Katz - Limefield GDPR & DPO


Chair of Governors: Mr A Topperman, c/o BYJHS, 69 Broom Lane, Salford, M7 4FF

If you would like to get in touch, please telephone the office at the number below.

Alternatively please use the form to contact us:


Beis Yaakov High School (Single Academy Trust)

69 Broom Lane
M7 4FF



0161 708 8220

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