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Admissions Arrangements

Applications to Year 7 must be made via the local authority in which you live by the 31st October in the year prior to the anticipated admission.  Guidance can be found through the secondary admissions section of your local authority’s website or by contacting their admissions team.

Applicants wishing to be considered for Charedi priority should complete the School Supplementary Information form (SIF) proving their commitment to Charedi practice as laid out in the admission arrangements. Copies of the form are available from the local authority and the school office.  Completed forms must be returned to the school office by the 31st October, in the year prior to the anticipated admission.

Late applications to Year 7 and applications for places in Years 8 – 11 are administered by the school.  All applications for such admissions should be made directly to the school. 


For more information please email:

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