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Pastoral Support


Pastoral Care is a key element of our provision and is central to our ethos at Beis Yaakov High School. A student’s happiness and well-being are recognised as the foundation for their success. It underpins everything that we do and along with a high quality of teaching and learning, it is what our school is all about.

Whilst ‘pastoral care’ is everyone’s responsibility in school, we have a formal structure designed to ensure that every pupil’s needs are catered for.

Each year group has a Pastoral Team who is responsible for the welfare of the students in their year and deal with matters such as students’ personal problems in school, discipline, students’ records, parents’ queries, absences and social activities.

Students who require extra support are placed on our Mentoring system. Here, pupils are more closely monitored and receive support tailored to their needs through a “big sister”, mentor, the school counsellor or school psychologist.

Our Pastoral aims include:

  • being a school where the well-being of everyone is the prime concern

  • supporting a learning community where pupils can realize their full potential

  • providing a safe, stimulating and enriching environment

  • encouraging pupils to grow up to be responsible, active members of their community

  • promoting emotional intelligence

  • promoting regular attendance and good behaviour as pre-conditions for maintaining high standards of achievement

  • each child being encouraged to develop her own individuality whilst learning also that personal freedom involves responsibility to others

  • promoting a values-based PSHCE curriculum which helps to give a firm moral basis in these times when so many attitudes, beliefs and ethics are questioned daily

  • providing a family environment in which pupils can feel comfortable, safe and supported

  • providing equal opportunities for all pupils

  • encouraging tolerance and understanding between all pupils

  • a clear understanding that effort, kindness and good manners will be valued

  • developing an understanding of being responsible for oneself.

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