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Key Stage 3 Mathematics

Our aim is to develop pupils’ appreciation of mathematics as a subject beyond rules and procedures, by stimulating ‘moments of pleasure and wonder’* and emphasizing its relevance in the context of daily life. We encourage pupils to think creatively, developing their reasoning and building confidence in their mathematical ability.

We follow the NC program of study for key stage 3 through years 7 and 8 and the first two terms of year 9, beginning the GCSE curriculum in the summer term of year 9. We cover topics in the four areas of maths: number, algebra, shape and space and data handling, with an emphasis on problem solving and independent thinking.

Pupils are taught in streamed classes with the highest achieving pupils progressing to GCSE topics well before the start of their key stage 4 studies.

Functional maths is incorporated in enjoyable activities where pupils carry out extended practical investigations into real-life applications of maths, such as opening a business or designing a park.

Year 7 Long Term Plan

Year 8 Long Term Plan


GCSE Mathematics (AQA)

From 2017 students will be sitting the new GCSE specification. Content has now been split into six subject areas.

  • Number

  • Algebra

  • Ratio, proportion and rates of change

  • Geometry and Measure

  • Probability

  • Statistics

The new exam contains a mix of question styles with a ramp up in difficulty as the paper progresses. Students are expected to be able to problem solve and tackle multi stage problems using a range of mathematical skills. Students will be prepared for this new style of questioning and increased demand by engaging in problem solving regularly in lessons and at home, and sharing best methods with each other.


Mission statement

The science department is dedicated to imparting scientific knowledge, understanding and skills to give them an awareness, appreciation and interpretation of the physical world in which they live. We will enable them to understand the way science and technology has improved or otherwise affected their lives.

At the same time we provide them with the wherewithal to be able to obtain qualifications in science to the best of their ability, so that they are equipped to go on to study any science based course, or any course that requires science qualifications. Many pupils go on to study A Level Sciences and further.

Different science courses are offered to enable pupils to study at an appropriate level for their ability and needs.

We aim to fulfil each girl’s potential.



Year 7 and 8 will follow a rigorous program of studies, in which they will complete the National Curriculum for KS3 Science by the end of year 8.

Assessment is carried out throughout the year, with exams in the summer based on whole year’s work.


The new GCSE scheme of study is now starting in year 9, and all work studied from this time will be included in all main examinations until the end of year 11.


We are, at the moment offering 2 routes for GCSE.

ROUTE 1. 2 GCSE science subjects,

AQA Core Science A

and Additional Science.

ROUTE 2. 3 GCSE science subjects, taken as separate sciences




All examinations, for both routes, will now take place at the end of year 11, using the AQA Specifications and qualifications.

Engineering Challenge

The school provided a very successful engineering challenge this year for years 9 and 10. All the pupils in these year groups were actively involved in the challenge, guided by volunteer engineers from many walks of life. We hope to repeat this with other years.



Mrs. G. Bergin – Head of Department

Mrs. R. C. Bloch

Mrs. S. Feddy

Mrs. B. Klein

Mrs. V. Lazarus

Mrs. C. Miller

Mrs. R. Seaton

Mrs. C. Smith


Physical Education

PE develops pupils’ competence and confidence to take part in a range of physical activities that become a central part of their lives, both in and out of school. The Physical Education Department aims to inspire young people to include sport as part of their everyday life long after they have left school.The department offers a wide range of activities during both curriculum and extra-curricular time, this provides all pupils with a positive experience of sport and physical activity.

Activities include: netball, hockey, table tennis, badminton, trampolining, gymnastics, OAA, health related fitness, athletics, cricket and rounders.