Kristallnacht Programme

On Wednesday 28th October, the Jewish anniversary of Kristalnacht, years 10 and 11 had a programme to mark the event.

The girls were addressed by Mrs Krausz, a Holocaust survivor who spoke about her escape from Czechoslovakia to Hungary. Rabbi Emmanuel imparted a perspective of the events on the girls and explained the paragraph of mourning (kina) that the Bobover Rebbe had written. The girls then repeated the kina.

Mrs Sasson provided the girls with some historical background and visitor to the school Mrs S Gild, whose mother in law was a Holocaust survivor showed them an authentic yellow star that had been preserved by a righteous gentile who risked his life to save a Jewish family.

The girls will be watching a J-roots video as a follow up to this event.

To learn more about Kristallnacht, click on the link below:

Kristallnacht – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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