That's Entertainment!

The biennial Beis Yaakov show takes place tonight (Monday 12th) and tomorrow night, following rave reviews after Sunday’s matinee. The show, on the theme of tefilla, showcases our girls’ talents in drama, dance and song.

Students are delighting audiences with heartfelt songs, expressive dance and engaging dramatic pieces in our school show this week. Beis Yaakov’s show is unique in that the performances are all directed by our talented students in Year 11, with supervision from key staff. Lead by the students of Year 11, the entire school has contributed to the incredible production. The pupils also work on the costumes and props themselves, while others help with lighting and sound. Our pupils and staff have dedicated countless hours to the organization, costumes, music and, of course, rehearsals leading up to the show which opened yesterday with a sell-out matinee.

The show was produced by Mrs R Stefansky assisted by Miss R Abitan. Special mention to Mrs R Seaton for the fantastic costumes and Miss Grant for the props and stage management.With more than half the tickets gone for the evening shows, and many more expected to go at the door, we are happy to congratulate our staff and students on an excellent production!

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