Prayers For Manchester

After the horrific attack at the Manchester Arena on 22nd May 2017, Beis Yaakov held a special remembrance assembly. Rabbi Wilson offered the students words of comfort, prayer & solace as they remembered the news of what had happened to their peers just two miles away.

Rabbi Wilson began by reminding the girls to be sensible and vigilant when it comes to security. He praised the emergency services and the security services which we rely on every day.

He went on to quote the Pirkei Avos, the Ethics of Our Fathers, which discusses the importance of praying for the kingdom. Rabbi Wilson reminded the students that in addition to prayers for the Queen and the Royal Family, we must pray for the entire infrastructure which we rely on everyday, especially in times like these, the security and emergency services.

He concluded with the rest of the quote from Pirkei Avos, reminding the girls to consider how they spend their time. In the wake of this tragedy, we are reminded of the value of every moment we have. We must each spend every day in most productive way possible, striving ever towards growth.

The assembly ended as the girls proceeded to afternoon prayers, in which Rabbi Wilson advised the girls to pray for our country, and our emergency and security services. To pray for those affected by the terrorist attack. And to pray for a world where every teenager who goes out for an enjoyable evening should be able come back home safely.

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