BYJHS Celebratory Anniversary 60th Dinner! Report

What an evening! Over 500 guests comprising of former students, parents, past teachers and heads together with many of the Community Rabbonim and honoured guests graced The Vermilion Cinnabar last night for an inspiring evening celebrating 60 years of BYJHS.

Rabbi Eisenberg chaired the evening welcoming all guests and friends.

Rabbi Wilson - BYJHS Menahel paid tribute to past Heads, Menahelim and visionaries whose pioneering vision and drive made this last 60 years a possibility. Rabbi Wilson remembered the great Soroh Schneirer whose fledgling Beis Yaakov movement paved the way for hundreds of thousands of Bnos Yisroel to be given an education based on the same founding ideals and Hashkofo.

Mr Ziskind - Chair of Governors gave an emotional address paying tribute to former Heads and teachers who have selflessly invested so many decades of their lives to the education of our girls. Presentations were made to several former heads and teachers. Mr Ziskind presented Mr Michael Brandeis with an award as a small token of appreciation for his indefatigable drive in making the magnificent building in which the school currently resides possible.

Rabbi Gershon Miller - Mashgiach Gateshead Yeshiva delivered the keynote address. Rabbi Miller spoke about the importance of keeping the link between the Torah - our Kesubah and our children - live and relevant. Rabbi Miller stressed the importance of encouraging and talking to our children, of facing towards them and not turning our back to them - telling them that we are here for them - they are never alone. Rabbi Miller explained by quoting the Navi Yechezkel how our children are our miracles - they are our hope and future and it is with them and in their zechus that we will greet Moshiach.

Mordechai Ben David Werdiger in his renowned style and class - accompanied by a talented band and local choir entertained on the night singing many old classics and popular hits. After benching he continued to perform kumsitz style much to the delight of the many that stayed on to enjoy the evening.

Special thanks were given to Mr Z Sinitzky and the dinner committee for all their work in making the evening the great success that it was.

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