National Refugee Week

An Assembly to mark National Refugee Week at Beis Yaakov High School Academy took place on Friday 22nd June 2018.

Pupils were both fascinated and heartened by listening to the stories of three guests, refugees who entered England during 1956. After a failed revolt against the communists, 20,000 Hungarians came to the United Kingdom to avoid reprisals. Mrs Iczkowitz, Mrs Israel and Mrs Issler were among these numbers, merely aged 9 or 10 at the time they arrived on British soil.

Pupils were encouraged to interview the refugees about their hometowns, their journeys fleeing Hungary for England and of course their first impressions, struggles and integration into British society.

A visual presentation preceding the guest panel introduced pupils to the sheer number of refugees around the world, reasons that cause refugees to desire to acquire such status and the tremendous financial, social and linguistic difficulties they may encounter throughout their lives.

Mrs Dahari – a refugee from Yemen was able to reflect some of her experiences in an audio interview about her initial arrival in England in order to study at age 16 years, however, she was prevented from returning to her home-town due to danger and fanatical incidences. She has remained in the UK and built a family, yet with reminiscence of her

origins and culture. Pupils learnt to recognise what a contribution these refugees have made to their community and in Britain as a whole.

Pupils’ Social and Cultural experiences have been raised dramatically due to this memorable event and we hope to be able to bring further visitors to the school to share their remarkable stories with our pupils in the future.

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